$PAC Speed Demonstration – May 2019

As we are always excited to introduce others to PACCoin, speaking with some local business owners has sparked some general questions about Cryptocurrency. Recently, I heard of One’s experience who suffered delays of several hours for Bitcoin (near 1 day) to show up, let alone become available. This sparked the discussion about how a business could not run with such delays.

Although the PACCoin community knows first hand how fast the $PAC Network is, others may not know much past the Original Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). In an effort to provide not only education, but visibility into how things are done, we have begun to create some quick videos focused on what $PAC can do, and how.

Below is a quick video showing the speed of PACCoin, which can be compared to other coins. Please note: This does not include time for confirmations to complete (funds to become available), but demonstrates the time needed for the blockchain to recognize the change in coin ownership, and the wallets to recognize and sync with that change.

Please share this video with your friends and family, should the question arise: “How long does it take to send/receive PACCoin?”

Thank you for checking in with us.

Your Community Dev,