PAC Monitor API – March 2019

You know what time it is! If you don’t, don’t worry we got you covered!

Introducing the PAC Monitor API. An easy to use tool providing an alternative method for querying the $PAC Ledger, and its GROWING Masternode Network. This tool can be used to simply satisfy your curiosity, or to act as a back-end data provider for developing your own tools.

Easy enough, locate the available HTTP endpoints below. Visit the endpoints, and see how simple the API is to use. You can put your IP address in the details endpoint URL, and get your Masternode status, active time, last paid time, etc.

API Commands:

Verify the API server timestamp

In the URL, replace “address” with your Wallet Address to retrieve your Balance.

Block Count:
Verify the API server block height

Masternode List Full:

Retrieve the entire $PAC Network Masternode List with node details.

Masternode Details:

Replace “address” with your IP Address, Wallet Address, or Masternode Collateral tx-id in the URL.

What’s Next?

We’re sure you recognize our API is in its adolescence. We want you to know our intention is to continue advancing the API much further than its current state.

The next two areas of improvement will focus on:
1) Proper JSON Object formatting
2) Additional basic blockchain queries

We anticipate attacking more ambitious endeavors with our API, which include compiling data together, providing a more thorough query capability. As we continue on our development, we look forward to opening our custom query capabilities to you, as well as utilizing them on our platform.

Please keep visiting us to find more updates as they become available. For the latest API commands, please visit the API Page.

Thank you for your continued support.

Your Community Dev,