PACMonitor’s First Blog Entry – January 2019

WELCOME! Thank you for visiting the first PAC Monitor Blog Entry! We feel the $PAC Community is deserving an update on where we have been, and where we are going. Although our Blog Posts will not be limited to “Updates”, we would like to start our first post by sharing a brief summary of some highlighted Mile Markers thus far:

  • July 2018 – Release of PAC Monitor (Android)
  • July 2018 – Received $PAC Community Spotlight Recognition
  • Sept 2018 – App Development Proposal Approved
  • Sept 2018 – 5 Masternodes Added to Support $PAC Network
  • Jan 2019 – Update of PAC Monitor (Android)

Whats Next? After finalizing and releasing the Android update on Jan 18th 2019, we have taken some time to reflect on the lessons learned over the last 6 Months, since the Official Release of PAC Monitor. With a strong commitment to delivering the iOS version of PAC Monitor, we realize the importance of building our Applications on top of data collectors we can fully control, providing the ability to ensure accuracy, as well up-time to the best of ones ability.

PAC Monitor has set out a plan to complete the following 3 Major Goals in 2019:

  • Build an API for PAC Monitor clients (Android & iOS)
    • This change will migrate the retrieval of all Paccoin Blockchain data “internally” utilizing one or more of the PAC Monitor Masternodes.
    • In addition to Blockchain Data, the API will also retrieve and pass the latest Exchange trading prices to the clients, to minimize client processing and battery consumption.
    • This migration of data collection will both speed up the client side for users, and provide self dependency to the PAC Monitor platform.
  • Migrate Android to use the NEW PAC Monitor API
  • Deliver PAC Monitor for iOS
    • This project is already in motion, currently in the design phase. Once design is complete, the programming side will integrate with the new PAC Monitor API.

Although we’d love to share many more accomplishments at this time, we side strongly with quality over quantity. Our Releases, however minor usually include major overcoming and lessons learned within the PAC Monitor Team. We thank you for your support and continued usage of our tools, and look forward to sharing our next update with you.

Your Community Dev,