70215 Protocol Update – February 2019

PAC Monitor has completed a minor software revision to reflect the recent $PAC Network Protocol update. The $PAC network changes (to the best of our knowledge) are as follows:

$PAC Protocol change required from 70214 to 70215
$PAC Wallet update required from 12.5.1 to 12.6.0

$PAC Protocol 70215 went live on February 21st @ Block Height 217736. As the $PAC Network Matures, so does the Community. Although updating the nodes takes time, it’s an essential part of an ever improving network. Simply put: With no updates, there are no improvements.

How rewarding it is to see that BOTH the $PAC Community and its Network continues to evolve. We take off our Hats to the $PAC & COMMUNITY DEV TEAM for their countless hours of work improving the Network, the Wallets, Monitors, and everything in-between. For more information regarding this update, past, or future, please visit https://paccoin.net.